I reccently bought a Raspberry PI. The main reason was that I had an idea of making some video surveillance software. I have made 2 previous blog posts regarding the Raspberry Pi and both of them are sort of related this one. One where I wrote some notes on the initial setup of the hardware and basic software. One where I wrote about how to setup Owncloud. This post is about https://github.com/tomasbjerre/RaspberrySurveillance. It is project where I've developed, mainly, a web interface that can:

  • Show snapshot of camera
  • Setup motion triggering
  • Start and stop motion triggering
  • Save captured videos to disk
  • Save captured videos to Webdav (Supported by Owncloud)

This means you can start and stop motion triggering from a web interface. Whenever a video is captured you can have it uploaded to Owncloud and have it automatically synced to you Windows PC.

When camera triggers it will store pictures and/or vieos, it is configurable. Here is a very small example of a captured event.